Chess Desalls
                                       Author of award-winning YA fiction .
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Beacon (Lantern, #2)

When Serah's life in Havenbrim becomes unbearable, she accepts an apprenticeship with a celestial mechanic and glazier. Her master assigns her the task of opening a globe framed in copper. But the glass and seal are unbreakable. The solution to the puzzle traps Serah inside the globe, and transports her to a world where she longs for home.

Flash Tales

A collection of flash fiction and short stories by the award-winning author of The Call to Search Everywhen time travel books. Discover the magic of music, sail with a feisty pirate, and view the stars and moon in a whole new light. Stories range from middle grade adventures to tales that can be enjoyed by teen readers.
The Call to Search Everywhen scored three Golds in the Literary Classics Book Awards Contest. Travel Glasses won gold in High School Mystery/Thriller and Fantasy, and the series took gold in Best YA Series.

Literary Classics awards excellence in children's and young adult literature. Learn more about this year's winners in the CLC Awards Announcements blog hop.