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The Call to Search Everywhen Box Set
Travelers aren't found. They're called.

Read Calla and Valcas' full story in this collection of the first three books in The Call to Search Everywhen! More than 600 pages of YA time travel adventure inside the pages of the following full-length novels: TRAVEL GLASSES (Book 1), INSIGHT KINDLING (Book 2), and TIME FOR THE LOST (Book 3)

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Beacon (Lantern, #2)

When Serah's life in Havenbrim becomes unbearable, she accepts an apprenticeship with a celestial mechanic and glazier. Her master assigns her the task of opening a globe framed in copper. But the glass and seal are unbreakable. The solution to the puzzle traps Serah inside the globe, and transports her to a world where she longs for home.

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